English lessons for accuracy are boring

It’s been several years since I started online English conversation lesson.

But I don’t want to say this to my friends.
Because they will likely think that I can speak English well.
But I cannot.

However, even though I cannot speak English well,

I can say what I want to say. I can convey what I want to convey
—————————- ———————————-

English lessons for accuracy are boring.

On the other hand, English lessons for fluency are interesting.

I like the second because I can speak without worrying about grammar.
This is more practical for English conversations.

Lets try what we want to do!

I think 25 minutes of online English is enough time to do what I want to do.

Unfortunately,writing is lacking in online English lessons.
Recently my trend is making short speeches and writing blog posts in English.

English composition(Making sentences) is unexpectedly difficult.
Why is it so difficult!
I think, it is because , I can not use English smoothly.

I will do my best!