Onion Gratin Soup

Onion Gratin Soup

I love eating onion gratin soup at the Royal Host.

I learned making onion gratin soup in a cooking school last month.

I try to make it in my kitchen!

I fry onion slowly, and sometimes I deglaze it.

The technique of deglazing is using the brown bit in the pan to add flavor to the onion.

There is quite a taste

2 onions for 4 people.
It is a large amount.
I cook this for a long time.

Then I add the chicken broth , salt, and pepper in the pan.
I top it with a slice of baguette and cheese.
Sprinkle cheese and brown it in the oven.

It is simple and easy.
But it needs time and effort.

This is the onion gratin soup.
It goes well with pork cordon bleu.
It was so delicious (^^)!