Do Moxibustion on ZUSANNRI and go on a journey

Daily self-care with moxibustion

Let’s do daily self-care to stay healthy.

It has long been said that moxibustion in Zusannrishizuri is very good for health.

Famous poet Matsuo Basho from the Edo period also said:

“ Do Moxibustion on ZUSANNRI and go on a journey ”

Moxibustion strengthens the stomach and intestines and makes your legs strong.
It has the effect of supporting a long journey.

Zusanri is located at the upper end of the tibialis anterior (muscle).

To be effective, Moxibustion may also help with swelling, gastrointestinal symptoms, and knee pain.

So get a moxibustion score at an acupuncture clinic. Let’s do moxibustion every day.

The following are tips when using acupoints in the health care.

1) Ask an acupuncturist (expert) to choose a point for moxibustion.

2) It is important to perform moxibustion continuously every day.

3) Have the acupuncturist select the points again.
A good start is once a week and then once a month.

Here are the tips to improve your overall health.

Necessary points and effective points are different for each person.

Doing the wrong thing in the long run is not only ineffective, but also makes you worse.

As an acupuncturist, I do moxibustion every day

The points are selected by my staff every time.

In any case, continuity of treatment is esential.
Let’s do our best, but not too much.