Let’s look at sleep from a traditional medical perspective.睡眠は健康に大切です!

Let’s look at sleep from a traditional medical perspective.

Sleeping means that your chi and consciousness is centered in your body.

Waking up means that the qi moves from the center of the body to the outside. It means that your consciousness moves outside of your body and you can interact with the outside world.

If you can’t sleep, it means that your chi is having difficulty settling in the center of your body.

Waking up in the middle of sleep is also a sign that chi is not settled in the center of the body.

Seeing a bright light when you are about to fall asleep makes it difficult for your chi to settle down.

In addition, if you are tired but cannot sleep, it is because you lack the power to move your qi to the center of your body (called kidney qi in the world of Oriental medicine).

To help you get enough sleep, try to adjust your environment and reduce stress in your life.