Instead of thinking about diseases and symptoms, let’s understand your whole body condition.-東洋医学で人を診る

Instead of thinking about diseases and symptoms, let’s understand your whole body condition.

When trying to find a solution based on your various symptoms, you will need a treatment tailored to each symptom as well as other different treatments.

Your hands hurt, so you need medicine for tendonitis, compress, injection
You can’t sleep, so you need sleeping pills
You have rhinitis, so you need allergic medicine
You have constipation, so you need medicine
You need massage for your stiff shoulders
You need steroid for your asthma
You need immunosuppressant for your rheumatoid arthritis

Western medicine is often more effective. But it is not necessary to deal with all symptoms.

Oriental medicine has been passed down from ancient times. There are many diseases that can be treated effectively through drugs development.

At present , I think that it is necessary to take advantage of Western medical treatment as a matter of course, even while I am focusing on the world of Oriental medicine.

Keep in mind the most important thing.

It is understanding yourself and why you have various symptoms.

I think our bodies are cars and drivers.

Even a small car can drive up the mountain in Hakone and reach the summit if you drive well, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery

But if you put too much pressure on the engine, the car will break down.

In addition, even if the car has an excellent and sturdy 2000cc engine, if the driver’s mood fluctuates, or he is speeding up too much, an accident may occur and gasoline consumption may be severe and fuel may run out. .

What type of car do you have, and what kind of drivers are you?

This “human understanding” is very important information as you walk the path of your own life.









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